The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4-18-24 (2024)



Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 4-18-24

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – it’s Thursday. April 18th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody again, we’re enjoying your presence – and hopefully we’ll all learn something on the call tonight. And move forward together as big call universe – and I anticipate that based on what I have to bring tonight, but I know what Sue’s going to bring will be great – and what Bob has will be good, very good, so we’re looking forward to having a good call.

Well, we talked about intel we have to talk about where we thought we were and where we are now.

We know that we have been close for this going for a matter of God who can say weeks – days, but the intel that we got right now I’ll break it down for you – because we did get some things today that I think I’ll clarify.

First of all, we have contacts. Let’s say it this way. We have a bond paymaster with Wells Fargo- that just returned from Europe today – And he said, This is maybe three versions of this timeline.

First one is this particular paymaster from Wells – he said the bond holders should be receiving their emails, anytime, which would give them access to their funds – anytime after midnight central time tonight. So they might wake up tomorrow. Who knows? That’s, for tier three bond holders.

So that finally looks like they’re going to get notified after midnight – Central time tonight

Then – the same individual coming from Europe, is saying that, that we should be receiving our emails Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Maybe we exchange accordingly based on when we got them.

So that’s a Saturday, Sunday or Monday – from this Wells Fargo Bond Paymaster –

Now – cut to a couple of other individuals that are older and have worked in some capacity with the Reagan Treasury and administration – these guys have been around the block more than once, and on a trip that they made from New York, today – South. They were able to say that in their opinion, we are going to receive our emails, either tomorrow or Saturday and then we’ll exchange according based on whenever we received those emails –

That would be our notifications with 800 numbers either tomorrow or Saturday – okay – that’s fine =- we like that – and then finally we go to a bank that we’ve all heard of – not one of the Big 4 – but this particular bank is saying that we would be notified over the weekend which included Friday Saturday or Sunday –

So you see we’re all in that area of within a day or so of each other those three resources,

Obviously we want it sooner rather than later. we’d rather have Friday Saturday, but rather than Saturday Sunday – Monday – we would rather have that obviously –

So we’re looking forward to see which one manifests for us –

The other thing is the rates are doing very well – trending upward – but the new rate on the dinar of the 32 country’s currency is going up in value – and should be out as an international rates.




Sunday after the Forex reopens – which is usually around five o’clock Eastern time on Sunday. That’s when it reopened as close to 48 hours from tomorrow. Let’s call it. five o’clock – until Sunday before it reopens again At about the same time Sunday evening, and the trading starts in the Far East – and it picks up in the Middle East , so on and in Europe – and England and then comes here

And we are so the currency is gonna be trading upward. They already have an idea where they’re gonna land as far as rates on front screens at the redemption centers – are gonna be very, very strong. Don’t worry about it – and that’d be a preferred place to go for exchanges and redemption Zim – not ast any particular bank

So — we’ll see how that looks – what that looks like – But I would say we should finally have an internationally exposed dinar rate Sunday evening. Because remember every Sunday is their first business day – On Sunday, so for us it will probably show up in our banks on Monday

We’re not quite sure when we are starting obviously – we’re hoping we get something tomorrow or Saturday – in the way of notifications – but it doesn’t give it all the way to Monday because that’s where the Wells Fargo bond paymaster had it – as…… Saturday, Sunday or Monday

So you know it’s kind of a widow of Friday to Monday – and we’ll see what actually happens when it shows up. but that is I think very encouraging – finally — finally had a new direction during the doldrums on Tuesday night not quite knowing what was going on.

What’s interesting now is Charlie Ward was to have made an announcement today In Brazil — we don’t know if it was in Sao Paulo, or Rio.or where it was – but we’re like, we don’t even know what it’s to do with specifically – I have no information on it basically –

And he’s also supposed to go to Africa in a couple of days. and we’ll see if he says – and he’s supposed to make an announcement there. I don’t know, where in Africa – . So, Africa is a large continent .

Question is, why? why Brazil? And why Africa? The first thing I think of is GESARA – I am thinking it has to do with the GESARA announcement – but we don’t even know if that’s the case – but that is what makes sense – unless he is going for some other reason – but it was to make an announcement in Brazil and then one in Africa in a couple days –

So things are definitely moving forward for us. I wish I could. be more specific that we had more information that we could talk about – and you know my goal is just try to bring what I hear

And why I brought you all three versions of when we are supposed to be notified – and we will see which of the three manifests for us – So Let’s do this. I want to thank everybody for listening tonight




and we’ll see what happens over this weekend. We’re done. Let’s pray the call out –

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 4-18-24
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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4-18-24 (2024)
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