Top 6 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels (2024)

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In recent years, especially after the WhatsApp privacy policy scandal in 2021, Telegram emerged as the best alternative app. Telegram is a free, open-source, cloud-based instant messaging platform that has gained huge popularity as people want privacy-focused communications. Of course, it’s a completely legitimate app offering end-to-end encrypted messages and calls so that ISPs and other third parties cannot access the users’ data.However, since everything has its pros and cons, the urge for complete anonymity of information and Telegram being a free and anonymous chat application attracted lots of attention from dark web users. Keep on reading to learn more about the dark web Telegram groups and channels and how the platform is associated with the dark web.

Why is Telegram so popular?

Telegram was launched as an anonymous chat application back in 2013. Telegram has always been an open-source platform, which enables people from different regions of the world to connect and chat freely, as the app claims to have end-to-end encryption. In 2021, Telegram saw a huge surge in its user base. This was due to the WhatsApp privacy scandal in 2021, where it was claimed that WhatsApp is sharing its users’ data such as their phone numbers, transaction data, and other service-related information with its parent company, Facebook. This scandal alone gave Telegram enough popularity that it saw 25 Million new users signing up on Telegram in just 3 days.

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However, the ever-growing popularity of Telegram caught a lot of eye and many people from all over the world started joining Telegram. As the app doesn’t have a solid registration process, anyone could just simply sign up on Telegram. Due to this, Telegram attracted many cybercriminals, hackers, drug dealers, hate-speech promoters, racists, journalists, and political activists.

There has been a controversy as old as forever that Telegram promotes political and religious extremism, that’s why we see that many government authorities have banned Telegram in their countries, Russia and Iran being two of them. But don’t worry, you can still access Telegram in the blocked countries by simply using a VPN or a proxy.

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Dark Web and Telegram: What’s the connection?

As the name implies, the dark web is considered to be dangerous and shady, which is true to some extent as dealing with illegal drugs and doing illicit activities is very common on the dark web. The dark web is considered to be the home of an illegal marketplace. But as every picture has two sides, the dark web has it too. It’s not about all the illegal or illicit stuff, the dark web is also used by political whistle-blowers, activists, and journalists who may be censored or could risk political retaliation if discovered by their government. WIKILEAKS is also the result of the dark web.

Dark websites don’t come up in search results when looked up on search engines like Google. It requires downloading the TOR browser and anonymity can not be guaranteed on this browser. Therefore, dark web users and the dark websites owners are now moving to Telegram, choosing their convenience and leveraging the platform’s anonymity and the ‘secret chat’ feature.

The Top 6 Dark Web Telegram Chat Groups and Channels

1. Dark Websites

Top 6 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels (2)

Channel name: Dark Websites

Channel link:

Subscribers: 47K

Topic of interest: Crypto, dark websites

Dark Websites is one of the most famous Telegram channels among dark web users. In this channel, people all around the world share platforms for crypto trading, a list of dark websites to access, and other resources for dark web users. This channel is one rich channel to gain knowledge about dark websites. There’s no risk in joining this channel as it doesn’t promote illicit content, instead, it shares useful information for dark web users.

2. KelvinSecurity

Top 6 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels (3)

Channel name: KelvinSecurity

Channel link:

Subscribers: 2K

Topic of interest: Ethical hacking

KelvinSecurity is a famous Telegram channel where people share information about ethical hacking, vulnerabilities, code reviews, and ethical hacking tips. It provides all the latest hacking-related news, as well as updates on the latest breaches and vulnerabilities. The purpose of this telegram group is to help people expand their knowledge about hacking guides and tutorials, and share information relevant to sustaining and growing the hacking community. The channel has 2104 subscribers as of now but it’s growing rapidly, as the channel is gaining popularity among dark web users.

3. Breached Data

Top 6 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels (4)

Channel name: Breached Data

Channel link:

Subscribers: 6K

The topic of interest: Data leaks

The purpose of this Telegram channel is to share knowledge about sensitive data leaks such as security pins, phone numbers, and passwords. The channel has over 6000 subscribers. They have a VIP channel too where they share exclusive information content for their supporters. Hence, this telegram channel is great for people who want to stay updated on data breaches around the globe.

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4. The Hidden Wiki .onion v3

Top 6 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels (5)

Channel name: The Hidden Wiki .onion v3

Channel link:

Subscribers: 0.7K

The topic of interest: Onion links for TOR

The Hidden Wiki is a Telegram channel with more than 732 members that serves as a directory of links to popular onion sites. This group is a great place to find onion links for famous dark websites.

5. Best free courses

Top 6 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels (6)

Channel name: Best free courses

Channel link:

Subscribers: 9K

The topic of interest: Free Udemy courses links

This telegram channel is one of the biggest telegram channels with 9,634 subscribers from all over the world. In this channel, you can get free links to any Udemy course. This channel is the best go-to for people who find a hefty course registration fee a bummer when learning new stuff.

6. Dark hidden wiki

Top 6 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels (7)

Channel name: Dark hidden wiki

Channel link:

Subscribers: 19K

The topic of interest: Onion links for TOR

This famous dark hidden wiki channel is the most recent and popular channel with 19,752 subscribers. This telegram channel is a dark web directory of Onion sites on the TOR browser. This channel is a safe and reliable source for people searching for authentic dark web links.

These are just some of the dark web channels on Telegram. There are many other channels on Telegram as well the other arrays of life, which serve as a great source of entertainment and information for Telegram users.

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How to access channels or groups on Telegram?

If you live in countries where Telegram is blocked, you won’t be able to access Telegram. Using PureVPN, it’s easy to get around these roadblocks. Just change your location to another country where Telegram works or use a PureVPN proxy and you’re good to go.If you want to know how to access telegram with the help of a VPN or a proxy; check out this guide.

Final words

We will conclude this article by giving a word of advice: Browsing the dark web is safe as long as you’re accessing legitimate content. Many websites are run by cyber criminals that offer all kinds of illegal goods and services. If you get into the dark web, you might end up downloading a file or clicking a link that could infect your device with malware. Due to this, it’s important to be selective of the sites you visit on the dark web, and use tools like antivirus and a VPN before venturing out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between groups and channels on telegram?

Telegram groups are for real-time group chats with up to 200,000 members, while channels are for broadcasting messages to a large audience with no limit on the number of subscribers. Groups allow members to chat with each other, while channels are one-way communication. Groups have more interactivity and moderation features, while channels are more suitable for one-way communication and broadcasting updates to a large audience.

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Top 6 Dark Web Telegram Groups and Channels (2024)
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