TNT Superfantastic Conference Call Extracts & Q/As – Monday, July 01, 2024 – [Part 2] (2024)

About it in a long, long time now, since I go back to o two, I think. Do you think that they’re still going to be able to issue. You said a long time ago there was a 10% value. I know as much as some people have.

That’d be ridiculous to take away that day. But. But do you think that a nominal fee, that will still be able to issue a couple of certified checks with a CCC? Oh, yeah.

Listen, first of all, guys, their fee is less than 1%, okay? If you guys are concerned about that. So I tell you, 10%. That’s just literally ridiculous.

Now, you can actually call the bank right now, today and say, what is your fee on currency exchanges? And they can tell you, and it’s not gonna be more than that, that’s for sure. And the more you have, the more negotiable it is to go down, if they even charge you a fee.

That’s the first part. All right. The answer about the fee and what else? All right, say again?

I forgot. Lost totally, because I was talking about the CCC, the clean clearance certified letter. Yeah. All right, so you’re going to do your exchange, guys, because that’s what they do, exchanges.

All right. They may get you some cash going out the door in your car. You’re going to make an appointment at your bank, whatever branch it is, and let them go do those things for you. They’re going to be busy exchanging people.

So you can go down the street around the corner. The money’s in your account there. Then you grab those things. Okay.

I was just curious if that was still. They were all good. Write us a certified check at the exchange anymore. No, I think the 20 minutes limit they’re trying to do.

They’re not doing banking business. They’re just doing the exchange.

The us dollars were taken out of.

Iraq or pretty much all of it. How are they paying their bills?

I mean, like the electric bill?

I mean, how are they living if.

They haven’t got this distributed yet? Because they still have dinar. That’s what they’re paying their bills with, Dinar, not dollars.

All right. Yeah. The only one using dollar steel and enough are the smugglers.

Have you had any dialogue with Wells Fargo as far as them being able to come to some of the states.

Like Oklahoma, Arkansas, where they, they do not have banking? No. And I have not even asked anybody about that because people I’m talking to are, you know, in their own regions and I’m not sure if they even know. I know they don’t really care.

Well, what’s going to happen in somebody else’s region or where? They don’t even have banks. I’d have to be talking to corporate to find out what that plan is. And I don’t know yet, okay.

Until they come out with it.

Sir, I am calling from Canada.

I’m a canadian citizen and I’m not an american citizen. I do have a Wells Fargo bank account in New Jersey. I would like to know if there’s any update of information for Canada. Besides, I know that you said that the 800 numbers, that there are going to be 800 numbers for Canadians.

Is there any other update that you have for Canada?

No, we got the 800 numbers and I think we have two provinces. Right, Raydhe banks that are going to be doing the exchanges in Canada.


Regions would be different than provinces. And if I was to guess, I’d say that the banks that in Canada would be the Royal bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion bank, and probably the bank of Nova Scotia. If I was to get. I don’t know if you have that information or nothing, but it is the.

Bank of Nova Scotia. What was the other one? Did you say?

The Royal bank of Canada and the Toronto Dominion bank? Oh.

No, I think those three are. Yeah, I wrote a tv bank a long time ago in Canada. Okay, but we’ll see. We’ll get less when it comes out of.

I do have a Scotch bank account, so that’s good. Anyway, like I said, I’m a canadian citizen with a Wells Fargo bank account in New Jersey. Whoa. And I’ve had that account for over ten years.

But I always just maintained a minimum balance to keep the account active. I hope I’m not going to have any trouble exchanging there. I mean, really, I intend to exchange in Canada first because I have currency in Canada. I have currency in New Jersey with a friend of mine who’s keeping it for me.

I have here in Canada, I’ve got dinar and dong. In the states, I’ve got a fair amount of Zim and Dinar an Dong, but I’m not a us citizen. Even if they allow me to exchange with them, you know, I’m a little apprehensive. I’d like to.

If they allow it, I’d like to have something like a notarized letter from their bank attesting to the fact that they have agreed to exchange me. I don’t want them I don’t want any clothes, any potential clawing back. Or is a CCC that clean cleared, saying, is that enough for me? I mean, I have a son and a daughter in the states, and I would dearly not have to involve them in this whole process.

I just want to give them what I intend to give to them and not have them involved in the process itself. And, you know, I hope to exchange in Canada first, you know, but I know that you stated that my zim is in the United States, so you stated that you have to. They’re going to get in there to exchange the zim in the first ten days. So I’m wondering how all this might turn out.

What do you think about that notarized letter from their bank?

I don’t know, but these are questions you can call the bank today and ask them. So you’re aware of exactly how you exchange when you come to the state? And if I was you, that’s what I would be doing. Calling the bank, calling them the.

Yeah, call them direct, because just to.

Well, just to ask them and tell them that, well, I’ve got foreign currency to exchange and can I do that? I’m not a us citizen,

I mean, that’s what I would do. You know, hey, I’m bringing a huge amount of foreign currency into the country when I come, and I’m going to want to exchange it. I have a bank account at your bank. What is the procedure going to be?

And if they say, what currency are you bringing? You can say, I’m bringing Vietnamese Dom and I’m bringing 50 million or 100 million. What’s the process? It’s gonna be the same process with the rest of it when it happens.

That’s what I would do.

Okay. Now, when I call them, when I call Wells Fargo, do I ask for their foreign currency department? I suppose so.

I just don’t want to give out rates. But you know what? You can ask for them and they’ll direct you with who you need to talk to. Okay.

All right.

That’s. That’s good enough for sure. Anyway, the. All the information sounds really fantastic.


Know, and we don’t have to wait till July 18, from what you’re saying. Okay, that sounds the 24th. Okay. Is fabulous.

We’re just waiting for the trigger. That’s what I understand.

Good morning.

My two questions. Tony, we have for several months not to bring any downness to this.

This is the weekend. This is the weekend. This is the weekend. We’re now six months into the year.

Why are you so sure now that this is going to happen? When we were so sure that it was going to happen yesterday and yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with the RV, when we thought that was what he was going to discuss. What makes this so different than last week and all the weeks prior to it?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because as I was told again, it’s been done since the 24th prior to that. So whenever they decide to give it up, what I do is give you the information that I’m getting.

What they’re doing is giving me the information that they’re getting. You’re not the ones who make the decision. Neither am I. I know it’s able to go at any moment in time.

We just don’t know what that moment of time is. So the only thing they can do is. What I can do is give you the latest information that they’re getting. You need to be taking advantage of that.

If it happens, great. I’ve counted my money. I know what it is. I know what proceedings.

I’m ready to go. If it doesn’t happen, buy some more because we’re that close to it happening now. No one person that I know of in the Nar land period knows the exact date, moment in time is going to happen would already be out there. So everybody is giving you the information that they’re getting.

Some just get more information than others or better information than others. So we have two choices. We can continue to listen to be prepared, or we can stop listening and one day wake up and somebody say, hey, the dinar happened two weeks ago and you missed it. That’s your choices.

Okay. And my last question, you said they’re only doing the exchange. They’re only doing an exchange at the exchange center. Are we getting the clean and clear certificates there or do we have to wait to go back for our next appointment?

For that?

They’re only doing exchanges. So you do banking business at the bank.

So that would be our next appointment.

Wealth manager, your private banker, your teller. They know where your money came from, they can see the deposit. So if you need it to, that’s where you’re going to get it from.

my questions here.

You were talking about that Sudani in his speech, had some code word or phrase. President Biden was to. President Biden was to have had a phrase or a word there.

And then you made reference that the banks are waiting for something from the UST. Is that going to be something that it would just be straight UST to the banks or is there going to be some sort of press release coming out that the general public would be informed at the same time that the banks. Did your sources give any clarification on that?

Yeah, the treasury is never going to do a press release about Iraq and change the exchange rate. No different than any other country does is that’s not going to happen. 350 million Americans are not going to see it on the 06:00 news. 08:00 news in the morning.

Anything else in their paper, unless they’re in the Financial Times, it’ll be something there. They’ll be a paragraph. They change their rate like everybody else did because people do that all the time. It’s not going to be a celebration of it.

If you guys aren’t paying attention, then you won’t know.

Okay. I was just hopeful that because this is so different that there might be, you know, something that and, you know, code phrase or something that. That was the third missing link.

Let me tell you. Listen, this is a good example. China changed their rate a couple years ago. Nobody even knew it.

We did. We were paying attention when Kuwait changed it. Right. And there were millions of people, not millions.

Well, I was a bunch of new millionaires because the people who knew about it, it wasn’t on the 06:00 news. 08:00 news. It wasn’t in the New York Times. Well, I’m take that part back.

But the whole world wasn’t notified at all. This isn’t going to be any different. What we did see in the New York times. And you can go and google it.

You guys who haven’t seen it, there is a press statement about it and it’s a paragraph about two inches long, two inches wide is a little big statement about what happened in Iraq, in fact, the occurrence. And if you’re not looking in the Financial Times or will pay for something, you’re not gonna see it. If you’re not involved in it, you’re not gonna see it because you’re not gonna even care. As a matter of fact, I can probably say right now here that 96% of the people right here don’t even look at the financial Times.

So they’re not gonna see it. And these are the people who do care. Must everybody up. So don’t expect your, your first acknowledgement of it is probably going to be when you get a text or email from TNT.

Well, hopefully that alert is going to be sooner rather than later. And speaking of alerts, as far as the banks are concerned, given all of this, are your folks saying that we are now finally on high alert or just standby? What’s the status that the folks are being told at this point?

They were like that all weekend. They went in at five this morning like they did on Friday morning. They’re expecting, they’re expecting it right this minute. I don’t think it’ll be till after 05:00 but yeah, because it could be any moment and that’s what they’re being told.

Just be ready. You be any moment. It’s all done. Nobody knows when they’re going to say go.

TNT Superfantastic Conference Call Extracts & Q/As – Monday, July 01, 2024 – [Part 2] (2024)
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