Hazbin Hotel universe harem x male reader - Public beach massacre  - Page 8 (2024)


y/n: oh nooo whatever shall I do naw I got this don't worry plus I see the f*cker who took my wallet get back here you f*cker.

y/n ran off the stage not giving her the satisfaction of doing it he ran and tackled the guy and beat the living sh*t out of him, making sure to get his wallet back.

He walked out of the crowd looking away, not sure what to do at the moment. He felt something moving underneath him looking down and saw Millie popping out

millie: So much for your plan huh?

y/n: hey I was trying something at least. But anyway I think we should-

As he turn to her he saw Millie being hit with a tongue and getting pulled into a creature's mouth and what was going through his head was damn she really got eaten by a fish thing,

He looks around quickly as the fish thing lets out a big scream making people run away.

He saw people running past an alcohol jug and he got an idea. He got the jug and tied it down around his waist. He pulled out his claws on both of his hands.

He started rubbing at it while the fish threw his fins at him which he jumped over and was running up its fibs leading up to its neck he saw that it was fighting something in its mouth before one of its teeth got sent flying away.

He saw Millie crawling out from the lost teeth she was climbing up to its eyes as she took her knife out from her mouth and started stabbing it in the eyes.

As y/n got to the mouth he took the jug off, started a fire and threw it into the jug before kicking into its mouth.

y/n jumped away from the fish thing just as its head blew but chunks sent them flying, he landed on the ground safe and sound. He looked up as he heard a sound coming from above he saMillieie heading toward him,

He moved around all over the place til he was able to catch her. He let out a sigh he turned around with her in his arms walking over to Blitzø

Millie: Aw thanks for catching me y/n.

He placed her down as he saw a group with that one girl from earlier coming over.

Y/n: yeah it's no problem.

???: Blitzø

Blitzø turned to look at her.

???: That was very obvious, don't you think?

Millie grabbed something from her pocket as she put it in her face.

Millie: I don't think this belongs to any of us.

She then threw it at the woman as she caught it. Millieie: would be ashamed if someone were to find out that you caused a giant monster fish to kill all these people.

In the background, y/n was standing next to a person who seemed kinda like he had been at war

The guy:

Hazbin Hotel universe harem x male reader - Public beach massacre  - Page 8 (1)

y/n looked around as he started making his way back trying to not be seen next to the guy as the guy looked at all the blood and bodies around him.

Millie came over to him climbing up his body and grabbing at his collarbone.

Millie: f*ck yeah Y/n we won.

Blitzø: You beat your sweat as we won. We showed that bitch who is the boss around here.

Y/n: uh f*ck yeah we won I told you my plan will help.

Millie: yeah sure did but we won that is all that matters!

She hopped off of him onto the ground and started putting blood on the ground writing strange words as the port opened. It was back in the room of their building. She waved at him before jumping into the portal.

He followed after her but before so he turned to that woman who was walking away

Y/n: imagine losing to Imps how f*cking embarrassing

He flipped her off before leaning into the portal. She was confused about who that person even was.

He was hanging around as Loona went through the portal. He walked over to her noticing something was off with her.

Y/n: hey what's wrong Loona?
She gave him the side eye.

Loona: It's nothing.

Y/n: don't make me start calling you loony.

Loona: god f*ck no please don't that already f*cking annoying

He just stared at her with his eyes. She let out a sigh before leaning against the wall.

Loona: There was a hot hellhound and I was trying to talk him up and I just found out that he has a girlfriend.

Y/n: oh I see well loona that's just how life is don't let it get in your way. Plus you're one of the badass hellhounds I know.

He patted her shoulder before heading over to Blitzø. Loons was watching him with a small blush on her face.

Y/n: hey Blitzø I'm going to head out now it getting pretty late and sorry about not helping with Loona.

Blitzø: eh don't worry about it you help us put that bitch in her place but hey how would you feel having a job kinda like what we did today.

Y/n: you want to give me a job here?

Blitzø: you know under table stuff but yeah why not

Y/n: I'll think about it and get back to you on that

He got up and went out the door after a couple of minutes moxie came through the door with a lot of femboy

Moxie: sir I got them just as you ask.

Blitzø: f*cking M I ask for that motherf*cking 5 hours ago. I don't even need them anymore

Moxxie: eh

Millie: Come on love why it took you so long to get here?

Moxie: I don't want to talk about it.

He looked behind himself to look at one of the femboy who had a belt in his hand straining it apart

*back with Y/n*

He walked through the hotel door looking at the place. It was a mess. Charlie walked over to him and her hair looked messed up.

charlie: we are having a bonding experience and you have to come this time got it.

Y/n: oh uh yeah I'm fine with that.

She started walking away with a hast in her step.

Well, nothing like bonding with each other he thought to himself.

Word count 4346

Alright everyone this story will be going on break while it will continue on Patreon for a bit. But I will also be heading on break before working on them so anyway I hope you like this chapter.

Hazbin Hotel universe harem x male reader - Public beach massacre  - Page 8 (2024)
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