Cancel Culture Comes to the Shore (2024)

This becomes more and more surreal and bizarre as the days go by.

Pope Jay Ford of the Church of the Most Holy and Righteous Among Us has called down anathema on an American citizen for improper thoughts, deeds and words!

And here a question arises.

Is the Chesapeake Bay Foundation a totally private organization?

If so, then Pope Jay Ford can do and say pretty much what he pleases.

But if the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is funded by the federal government with funds provided by Congress, then that is a far different story, given that Pope Jay Ford, whose salary appears to be paid out of federal funds, i.e., our taxpayer dollars, has singled out an American citizen for literal destruction of his life and livelihood for the crime or sin in the mind of Pope Jay Ford of having an opinion and expressing it, which is playing politics on his part, which may or may not run afoul of the Hatch Act, which is an avenue yet to be explored here.

And lest anyone like tokenny call me out for being melodramatic or over emotional here when I say that the Pope has singled out Gene Kelly for destruction, let us take a moment to go north to Schenectady, New York, where only recently, a BLACK LIVES MATTER mob of righteous crusaders like the one the Pope is calling out on Gene Kelly worked to destroy an ice-cream stand business, as we see from a Daily Gazette article entitled “Bumpy’s owner arrested for allegedly pointing a pellet gun at protesters in Schenectady – The owner’s truck pulled over by police” by Pete DeMola on June 30, 2020, to wit:

The owner of Bumpy’s Polar Freeze was arrested Tuesday night after allegedly pointing a weapon at demonstrators protesting his besieged business.

David Elmendorf, 35, was charged with two counts of second-degree menacing, both misdemeanors, police said.

Police found him after a traffic stop nearby with a weapon authorities described as a pellet gun.

Local activist Brianna Johnson said Elmendorf, the owner of the ice cream parlor where activists have been staked out for days protesting alleged racist text messages he allegedly sent, pointed the gun at the group.

Elmendorf’s attorney, James G. Mermigis, said earlier his client was in Connecticut on Tuesday to take a mental health break following days of protests outside of his embattled business.

Elmendorf has been fighting back allegations of racism following the appearance of text messages on social media saying he doesn’t hire Black people.

Following demonstrations on Sunday, three Black employees walked out after receiving cash from protesters and promises of future jobs.

Mermigis pointed at their employment as evidence that Elmendorf wasn’t a racist.

end quotes

When our very own tokenny, an expert on these kinds of things if anyone is, tells us that there are going to be consequences Gene Kelly is going to have to face for expressing an opinion in the United States of America where Gene Kelly is as much of a citizen as is Pope Jay Ford and the members of the BLACK LIVES MATTER mobs, there is exactly the kind of consequences he is talking about – a huge BLACK LIVES MATTER mob camped out in front of his business, blocking entry and intimidating any potential customers with their KKK-like intimidation tactics, which takes us back to that Daily Gazette article as follows:

On Tuesday afternoon, roughly 75 demonstrators gathered at Bumpy’s, with tensions exacerbated over an incident that allegedly unfolded overnight Tuesday.

Despite the protesters, signs indicated the business was open on Tuesday, but demonstrators dissuaded any business by sitting down outside and delivering a series of fiery speeches.

City and county sheriff’s deputies were on site Tuesday afternoon to warn the protesters against blocking traffic on State Street, but left by 6:40 p.m..

Afterward, the atmosphere remained tense as the crowd engaged in minor skirmishes with motorists attempting to enter or leave Shirley Lane, which organizers blocked.

end quotes

There are the consequences tokenny is talking about – a BLACK LIVES MATTER mob coming to Cape Charles to destroy the Gingernut Pub and Gene Kelly along with it, which takes us to an Albany, New York Times Union story entitled “Differing versions of Bumpy’s gun scare emerge – Lawyer says racist texts not from his client, who is charged with menacing” by Paul Nelson on July 2, 2020, where the story continues as follows:

SCHENECTADY – The attorney for embattled Bumpy’s Polar Freeze owner David Elmendorf denies his client is a racist and said they’ve hired a private investigator to learn why Schenectady County, who he plans to sue, and others seem to be working together to try to destroy the businessman.

Lawyer James Mermigis said Wednesday that Elmendorf pulled out what police have said was a pellet gun during Tuesday’s protest around Bumpy’s in a bid to save a friend from a beat-down by a group of demonstrators.

“He categorically denies every allegation, he’s not a racist, he has young people of all races working for him,” he said.

“It’s an organized plan, we just haven’t figured out by whom to really destroy this man’s reputation.”

Mermigis also stressed that text messages attributed to Elmendorf, where the sender refers to blacks in derogatory terms and proclaims the business doesn’t hire blacks, were not from his client.

Mermigis also decried that the Schenectady County Attorney’s Office failed to verify who is behind those racially charged texts and then “leaked” to the press a letter Monday to the state Attorney General’s Office requesting a civil rights probe, a violation, he said, of state “several privacy laws.”

County Attorney Chris Gardner said the paperwork wasn’t leaked, he sent it to media outlets, and that he was “proud” of the action his office took.

“We in good faith believe that Elmendorf wrote those texts and has made numerous other racially charged statements verbally,” he adding, there is videotape evidence to back that up.

“We had a good conversation with the Attorney General’s Office today and we’re going to be working very closely with them.”

“Based on this leak, he’s a racist, he can’t operate his business, he was threatened that if he opened the business, he was going to get killed, we don’t even know who these people are,” Mermigis added.

end quotes

Ah, yes, people of America, as our very own tokenny who is so much smarter than the rest of us combined has said, these are the consequences now facing not only Gene Kelly, but the people of Cape Charles, as well, which takes us to another Albany Times Union story entitled “Bumpy’s employees walk out amid protest against alleged racist operator – Hundreds rally against ice cream shop owner’s alleged racist text messages” by Cayla Harris on June 28, 2020, where we learned more about the “consequences” tokenny is promising, to wit:

SCHENECTADY – More than 200 people gathered on Sunday outside Bumpy’s Polar Freeze, a popular ice cream parlor, to rally against store owner David Elmendorf, who allegedly sent text messages using racial slurs and saying he doesn’t hire black people.

The demonstration was peaceful and passionate, with protesters blocking part of State Street in front of the restaurant for more than two hours.

The protest culminated in the shop shutting down for the evening around 6:15 p.m. – three hours earlier than usual – and three employees walking out, saying they’d quit.

“We set this up today … to eradicate white supremacy in our home.”

“There’s no space for it here,” said organizer Mikayla Foster, 21, who was born and raised in Schenectady.

“It looks a lot of different ways.”

“I think people get it confused, that the only thing we’re fighting against is police brutality, but that’s not the case.”

“We’re fighting against every system that is set to discredit us, disenfranchise us, dismantle us as a people.”

Foster, who works with the community organizing group All of Us, led the crowd for much of the protest, kicking off the event by directing a group of roughly 75 people who had shown up at 4 p.m. from a side road to the sidewalks in front of Bumpy’s and much of State Street, blocking traffic.

Within an hour, more than 200 people had arrived with signs ranging from “Shut racists down” to “Be kind.”

They chanted and danced together in front of the shop.

“We are active and ready to move forward against oppression, against black and brown people dying, against white supremacy – the same white supremacy you see at Bumpy’s over here today,” Foster said at the start of the protest.

“They have been operating on systems of racism and oppression for years now.”

“It’s a damn shame, because they didn’t know that Schenectady came with heat like this.”

“So, today, what the (expletive) we’re going to do is shut it the (expletive) down.”

The group did what was promised – at least for Sunday.

There were at least five employees inside Bumpy’s Sunday afternoon, and by the end of the event, three had walked out.

All were black men.

The protest gradually moved from the street to the lot directly outside the ice cream parlor, as demonstrators held a sit-in in front of the venue for about an hour.

As attendees inched closer to the shop around 5:15 p.m., some protesters started collecting money for the employees, saying they would buy them out of working for the restaurant.

Attendees raised at least $270 for each of the men who left and promised to help them find new jobs.

Organizer Khalifa Jackson, 27, of the group BLX, said Sunday’s protest was just the first step in taking down a number of businesses in local communities “that are built on the foundation of white supremacy and are allowed to thrive in these environments.”

Her organization also helps locate and augment community resources for black children; she advertised a community cleanup at Jerry Burrell Park scheduled for July 19.

“I think we had a really good turnout today,” Jackson said.

“A lot of people are very passionate here, so of course emotions run high.”

“We’re very frustrated, we’re tired at the end of the day – but I feel like we definitely maintained our initial purpose and mission, which was to shed light on what is going on in this establishment and bringing the community together to remind them just how much we’re worth and how much our lives are valued.”

The protest was swiftly organized after racist text messages allegedly sent by Elmendorf surfaced on social media last week.

By Friday, Gardner had asked the state attorney general’s office to conduct an immediate civil rights investigation into Elmendorf’s “discriminatory and illegal actions.”

end quotes

There are the consequences tokenny is promising and the moral of this story is that if you want a chance to enjoy one of Kelly’s famous bean burgers, you better do it soon, before the mobs favored by tokenny and Pope Jay Ford put Kelly’s out of business forever.

Cancel Culture Comes to the Shore (2024)


What is the controversy with cancel culture? ›

The term "call-out culture" is used by some as more positive verbiage for the same concept. Some critics argue that cancel culture has a chilling effect on public discourse, is unproductive, does not bring real social change, causes intolerance, and amounts to cyberbullying.

What is the main idea of cancel culture? ›

In essence, cancel culture is an attempt to control speech and thought through fear, bullying and intimidation. This makes it particularly damaging as it denies individuals their right to voice their opinions without fear of repercussion.

Is cancel culture good or bad for society? ›

Cancel culture can damage a person's reputation, even if they are innocent. As a result, people may be unfairly judged and criticized without the full facts being known. Sometimes, it can have serious consequences that follow a person, even if the accused apologizes and retracts their statements.

What is an example of cancel culture? ›

An example of cancel culture taking it too far is an instance between James Corden and the k-pop band BTS. BTS has a very loyal fanbase called ARMY, and in 2021, Corden made jokes that ARMY did not like.

Who started cancel culture? ›

According to the news site Vox, the first reference of canceling a person in pop culture possibly comes from the 1991 movie New Jack City, when Wesley Snipes' character, Nino Brown, says, “Cancel that [woman]. I'll buy another one,” referencing his girlfriend's disapproval of his violent ways.

Why is cancel culture legal? ›

Cancel culture and the First Amendment

Cancel culture can be hostile to free speech — but it also is free speech. To be clear: Cancel culture doesn't violate the First Amendment, because the First Amendment only protects against the government punishing speech and doesn't apply to what private individuals do.

How to respond to cancel culture? ›

If you're getting canceled, instead of getting defensive and clapping back, model vulnerability and listen. Listen to what people are saying and try to understand their points of view. Don't immediately jump to defend your actions or start attacking those who are calling for you or your company to be canceled.

How does cancel culture affect Gen Z? ›

Gen Z more likely to self-censor due to cancel culture

Gen Z are also the generation more likely to hide their perspective on topical issues, because they are afraid of how people will respond (35% cf.

What is the attitude towards cancel culture? ›

Cancel culture refers to the trend where a person's reputation can be ruined, they can be demanded to get fired, or their career can be destroyed because of an opinion that is perceived as wrong, heretical, or carelessly worded.

What is the conclusion of cancel culture? ›

In conclusion, cancel culture makes important contributions to both public awareness about social injustice and the promotion of social change. Firstly, it promotes social change by increasing public awareness about injustices and advocating for parties to be held accountable for their actions.

What brands have been cancelled? ›

There are many examples of cancel culture in which celebrities and brands had been “canceled,” at least temporarily, including Goya Foods, rap artist Kanye West, beer brand Bud Light, actress Roseanne Barr, food brand Aunt Jemima, and luxury fashion brand Balenciaga.

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