Astrology Degrees: Meaning, Critical, Anaretic (29) Degrees | (2024)

If you’ve ever had a birth chart reading done, you’ve probably noticed some numbers next to every placement. Venus at 15 degrees in Taurus. The sun is 0 degrees in Sagittarius.

But what do these numbers really mean—not only in your chart—but for your destiny? These degrees could be the key to unlocking your future. Here’s everything you need to know about degrees in astrology.

Degrees in Astrology

While most people don’t associate astrology with math per se, astrologers actually have to do a lot of math and geometry when generating horoscopes and reading birth charts. A birth chart is laid out in a 360-degree circle (because of the ecliptic). That circle is then divided into 12 segments (made up of the 12 zodiac signs) at 30 degrees each. These are then divided once more into three decans of 10 degrees each.

Okay, we know that sounds like a lot of math and dividing, but stay with us.

Birth charts are snapshots of what the cosmos looked like the moment you took your first breath. This includes what signs the planets were in and to what degree. This is why knowing your birth time is important when creating your chart. Even being half an hour off can change the degree of a planet or your ascendant.

Degrees are also the reason that the idea of “cusps” isn’t real, as the degrees the planet moves through are so precise. You are a Libra sun, even if you were born on October 22, and the sun was at 29 degrees in Libra. It’s important to get your chart reading done, especially if you were born when the signs change over. Two people can be born on August 23, but, depending on the time (or year), one person can be a Leo sun at 29 degrees, and the other can be a Virgo sun at 0 degrees.

Every degree in your chart has a special meaning, as astrology believes nothing is random. However, some degrees hold more weight than others. These are called “critical degrees.”

The Critical Degrees

Critical degrees are an ideal in degree theory that some degrees on the zodiac wheel bring more challenges than others. They can bring the worst (but also the best) of a sign. The challenges that the degree brings can help create insight on how to make the best of your life’s journey. Let’s look at a few critical degrees.

The Ingress — 0°

The Ingress degree occurs the moment a planet moves into a new sign. This is truly the beginning of an astrological season or the beginning of a planet’s journey through a sign.

Because this is the beginning, the sign the planet is in is VERY felt here. If you’re born with a Virgo sun at 0 degrees, you are very Virgo, with all those traits felt intensely. If you’re born when Venus just enters Scorpio, all the traits of Venus in Scorpio are intensified.

You get the sign as it’s most pure, and when it feels fresh and brand new. People born with a planet in the Ingress (especially in a personal planet), are considered new souls starting their journey through life for the first time. There’s much to be done here, and it can be very difficult with everything feeling so new. However, there’s much awareness and insight to gain.


Right in the middle between the first degree (0°) and the last (29°), 15 degrees represents the key issue of the sign. If you’re born with your sun in 15 degrees in Capricorn, you have to deal with the issues and struggles that Capricorn must deal with—even if that’s your only Capricorn placement.

This degree is also where you find your reason for living in a sign. If you have 15 degrees in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius), this is called “The Avatar Degree.” The Avatar Degree means you’re the “go-to” person for your friends, family and colleagues. You make things happen with your bountiful luck and resourcefulness.

Anaretic — 29°

The anaretic degree occurs when a planet is at 29 degrees in a sign, which is the last placement of the sign before a planet moves into the next sign. This is a degree of karmic completion, and people with this degree usually appear to be “old souls.” This marks the end of a cycle and is often considered the “degree of faith.” In this area and sign in this lifetime, you’ve done everything you can, and now your soul just has to wait for the next season to arrive.

However, while this can feel like a degree of “giving up”, it’s actually the degree of mastery. If the anarectic is in your birth chart, this means you have all the tools you need to overcome all challenges of your sign—and there will be a lot.

You are gifted with understanding and self-reflection and can use those to reach your highest purpose. This can be tough to handle, knowing you have a higher purpose, but you can grow into your role as you get ready to start your next chapter.

Degrees Associated with the Zodiac Signs

Every degree is also associated with a zodiac sign. If you have a planet with one of these degrees, expect to feel the traits of that sign with more depth and intensity.

  • Aries = 1, 13, 24°
  • Taurus= 2, 14, 25
  • Gemini = 3, 15, 26
  • Cancer =4, 16, 27
  • Leo = 5, 17, 28
  • Virgo = 6, 18
  • Libra = 7, 18,
  • Scorpio =8, 19
  • Sagittarius =9, 20
  • Capricorn = 10, 21
  • Aquarius =11, 22
  • Pisces = 12, 23


How to find your degrees?

You can find your degrees by looking at your birth chart—provided you known your exact birth time and location of when you were born. You can discover your degrees by getting a birth chart reading done.

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Astrology Degrees: Meaning, Critical, Anaretic (29) Degrees | (2024)


What is the critical degree of 29 in astrology? ›

The 29th degree indicates that you're completing an important phase in your life that's connected to the planet at that degree. According to astrology TikTok creator @shawtyherbs, the 29th degree of any zodiac sign, also known as an anaretic degree, is commonly associated with feeling the need for emotional support.

What does it mean when your Aries is in a 29 degree? ›

However, if it falls at 29 degrees Aries, that can mean you rush to evolve into something different, more significant or better. Zero degrees Aries would encourage you to stop and smell the roses, unlike 29 degrees Aries, which would push you to move forward without patience.

What is the MC 29 degree in astrology? ›

From an Astrological perspective, a Natal or Personal Astrology chart, with a Magic 29 (or any placement in the 29th degree) indicates a person that is involved in major transitions all throughout their lifetime. It's a special marker of soul evolution and not necessarily an easy one to carry.

Is 29 a fame degree? ›

more specifically, 5° indicates short-term fame, while 17° and 29° are long-term notoriety. some celebrities with these degrees are ariana grande, britney spears, tom cruise, doja cat, kanye west, bella hadid...

What is the millionaire degree in astrology? ›

So one of the greatest degrees is 29 degrees cancer. This is called the millionaires degree.

What does a critical degree mean in astrology? ›

Critical degrees are specific points within each sign that are known to have intensified astrological significance. These degrees are 0, 29, and sometimes 15 degrees. Each of these has a special energy and deals with beginnings, endings, and heightened traits or intensity.

What is the 29th degree descendant? ›

The 29th degree, often referred to as the Anaretic degree, is considered a critical degree in astrology, signaling a sense of urgency and intensity. When it appears on the Ascendant or Descendant, it can add a significant flavor to your personality and relationships.

What are the lucky degrees in astrology? ›

The astrological aspects describe the angular relationships between the planets or points in a birth chart, and they are measured in degrees. The Lucky aspects in a natal chart are the conjunction (0°), sextile (60°), and trine (120°).

What year is good for Aries? ›

The year 2024, will embark on a transformative journey of change and self-discovery. Whether it be in love, career, finances, or health, it's all about embracing challenges and powering through obstacles. Stay passionate and determined as your typical Aries self.

What is the 29 degree of horary? ›

At zero or one degrees, a change should already have taken place, but at 29 degrees, then a change is imminent within one unit of time. So, if a client was in a job but considering change, then 29 degrees would indicate that change would happen in a year, and 29½ would show it happening within 6 months.

What does MC symbolize in astrology? ›

Also known as your “MC” or Medium Coeli (Latin for “middle of the sky”), this placement reveals your aspirations, ambitions, and how you're perceived in the public sphere. Situated within the Tenth House of legacy, your Midheaven is linked to your professional path, career goals, and the image you project to the world.

What is the 29 degree of Pisces? ›

The final degree of Pisces is a mysterious place sharing alignment with the malefic fixed star Scheat. In these last degrees of Pisces we get the feeling of being fully submerged into the breadth of beingness, nothingness, ecstatic tribute to life and the imminent embrace of death.

What degrees in the birth chart indicate fame? ›

Fame degrees, in the simplest terms, are degrees within the chart that determine whether or not an individual has a higher possibility of having a career as a public figure or being well-known in some way. 5°, 17° and 29 are the most well-known variants of these.

What are the notable degrees in astrology? ›

The critical degrees are the first, middle, and final degrees of a sign. These degrees are particularly potent. Planets at 0° in a natal chart, take on the pure, undiluted nature of the sign. Planets from 14° to 16° deal with the sign's key issues.

What is the 29 degree in Taurus? ›

At 29° Taurus, there is Pleiades star cluster, it is of the nature of the Moon and Jupiter. The process is of gaining “solid” confidence in oneself and one's own resources before moving into a changeable sign, Gemini.

What does a 29 degree Scorpio mean? ›

It's Scorpio. 29th degree carries some urgency with it. Most of the 1st house is Sag but the cover on the book is Scorpio. You will emit that energy and people will respond accordingly. The Sag aspect of that first house is much less intense but both Sag and Scorpio are relatively unfiltered.

What is Leo 29 degrees in astrology? ›

The 29th degree is nothing you should fear, however, because it is a LEO rule degree, and the sun obviously rules LEO. That the topic. of the planet that the 29th degree sits in. is going to be really important in your life. and consume a lot of your time.

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