Albany, Oregon Population Statistics - List of Streets in Albany (2024)

Albany OR Geography

On the search for someone residing in Albany OR, or maybe considering a move there yourself? Look no further! Here at Veripages, we've got you covered with a wealth of information neatly collected and visualized. Whether you're trying to pinpoint someone's exact location or weighing your options before making a big move, we're here to help guide your decision with ease and precision.

Albany OR Population Breakdown: Males/Females and Age

Male and Female

Seeking happiness might mean considering the balance of men and women in a new city compared to your current home. That's where Veripages comes in handy! We provide insightful data to assist you in making well-informed decisions.Albany OR is home to a total of 672 folks. Breaking it down, 53.9% are gentlemen and 46.1% are ladies. Zooming out to look at Albany OR as a whole, the average stands at 49.5% men and 50.5% women. And if you're curious about the nationwide scene, the gender distribution is around 49.2% male and 50.8% female. So, now you've got the numbers to help guide your next big move!

Albany OR people age distribution

Imagine you're in your golden years, looking for buddies to hit the golf course with or just bask in the sunshine. Or perhaps you're on the younger side, eager to find peers to shake things up and make a difference. Well, the details we've got here will help you decide if Albany OR is your kind of place.

Diving into the demographics, the men in Albany OR have an average age of 51 years, while the women average out at 52 years. Curious about the age distribution for both genders? Don't worry; we've laid it all out for you right below.

Albany Oregon USA
Under 5 years-114,9659,938,937
5 to 9 years-120,85810,033,518
10 to 14 years-131,18710,987,313
15 to 17 years2175,4946,361,859
18 and 19 years-51,3814,541,794
20 years-26,9982,318,283
21 years-29,5122,257,008
22 to 24 years2580,0246,439,169
25 to 29 years27151,21211,817,829
30 to 34 years13152,58611,281,470
35 to 39 years23150,97610,892,040
40 to 44 years4139,02610,028,675
45 to 49 years31132,34410,079,567
50 to 54 years28125,31510,075,795
55 to 59 years30127,89710,440,265
60 and 61 years1351,8174,168,435
62 to 64 years3078,3395,882,735
65 and 66 years6653,1993,538,792
67 to 69 years2367,4094,652,319
70 to 74 years1098,7816,529,918
75 to 79 years858,7734,367,764
80 to 84 years-39,8332,671,396
85 years and over1031,7502,284,092
Under 5 years-108,3999,465,898
5 to 9 years-114,5329,656,919
10 to 14 years11123,70210,436,166
15 to 17 years1173,6796,087,175
18 and 19 years-49,2764,362,696
20 years-26,6442,162,759
21 years-29,9182,117,048
22 to 24 years1073,0506,174,413
25 to 29 years-145,18211,415,470
30 to 34 years23145,60511,063,706
35 to 39 years-153,44710,836,219
40 to 44 years4135,39710,157,911
45 to 49 years49130,01010,318,659
50 to 54 years36123,35210,389,086
55 to 59 years28131,95811,043,795
60 and 61 years958,4614,493,986
62 to 64 years6887,6986,438,897
65 and 66 years2555,2623,916,612
67 to 69 years1779,1945,319,290
70 to 74 years19113,4147,618,630
75 to 79 years-73,6715,392,000
80 to 84 years-42,2733,709,078
85 years and over-53,9374,074,137

Races in Albany OR

America's beauty truly lies in its rich tapestry of cultures and the diverse people who come together to create and contribute to this great nation every single day.

Diving into the demographics of Albany OR, we have a total of 672 people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. Breaking it down, we've got 0.0% identifying as Black, 2.4% as Asian, and 2.1% as Hispanic and Latino. Not to forget, 0.0% are Pacific Islander,0.0% are American Indians or Alaska Natives, and a good chunk of 95.5% identify as white. There’s also 0.0% of folks who fall under other races, and another 0.0% who proudly embrace two or more races.

Curious about how this stacks up to the broader Albany OR and national averages? Take a peek at the graph below to get the full picture!

Albany Oregon USA
Not Hispanic or Latino:6583,650,898267,757,777
White alone6423,158,958196,789,401
Black or African American alone-75,36340,596,040
American Indian and Alaska Native alone-40,8212,236,348
Asian alone16191,85018,427,914
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone-13,164565,473
Some other race alone-5,530839,270
Two or more races:-165,2128,303,331
Two races including Some other race-4,893312,842
Two races excluding Some other race, and three or more races-160,3197,990,489
Hispanic or Latino:14566,83960,481,746
White alone14364,89539,686,000
Black or African American alone-2,5551,393,631
American Indian and Alaska Native alone-9,596610,988
Asian alone-2,218209,070
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone-1,01863,210
Some other race alone-144,44415,513,283
Two or more races:-42,1133,005,564
Two races including Some other race-17,2171,353,333
Two races excluding Some other race, and three or more races-24,8961,652,231



Want to get a sense of the economic landscape in Albany OR, especially for the guys? Let’s take a closer look at the distribution of males living below the poverty line, broken down by age groups. Check out the details below:


Now, shifting our focus to the ladies in Albany OR, let's explore how income distribution pans out for them, especially for those under the poverty line. Here’s the breakdown:

In Albany OR, poverty is a reality for individuals, accounting for 0.0% of its residents. Breaking it down by gender, 0.0% of males and 0.0% of females are living below the poverty line. To put this into perspective, we’ve got a handy graph below comparing these rates to the national average, as well as the averages in Albany OR. Check it out to see how Albany OR stacks up.

Families in Albany OR

Marriage statistics in Albany OR

Albany Oregon USA
Never married87618,95348,481,154
Now married:217861,41766,120,364
Married, spouse present217797,24260,243,458
Married, spouse absent:-64,1755,876,906
Never married33514,62842,291,512
Now married:224877,19966,231,431
Married, spouse present215811,81159,933,781
Married, spouse absent:965,3886,297,650

Albany OR Birth rate

Over the past year, 0.0% of women in Albany OR welcomed a new baby. Diving into the details,0.0% of these new moms were aged 15 to 19, while 0.0% were 45 or older. Looking at the bigger picture, in Albany OR, the figures are 0.0% for the younger moms and 0.0% for the older ones. Nationwide, it's 0.0% for teens and 0.0% for those 45+. So, you can see how Albany OR compares to both its state and the country.

Languages in Albany OR

You remember the story of the Tower of Babel, right? Where everyone ended up speaking different languages? It kind of feels like that in Albany OR sometimes, with all the variety of languages spoken here. It’s a great chance for you to pick up a new language just by hanging out with the locals! Plus, we’ve got the data to show you just how languages are spread across the region, and we’ll even throw in a comparison with the rest of the state and the whole country. Get ready to dive into the linguistic diversity of Albany OR!

Albany OR Crime Rates 2011-2020

Every city has its ups and downs, and Albany OR is no exception. To give you the full picture, we've tracked various types of crimes over the last decade. Now, it's all about reading the charts: an upward trend might raise some eyebrows, while a decline in crime rates could mean this place is becoming a safer spot to visit or live in. So, take a good look, and let the numbers help guide your impressions of Albany OR!

Violent crime Property crime Larceny-theft Motor vehicle theft
Albany, Oregon Population Statistics - List of Streets in Albany (2024)
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